About BOLT (by Robertson Group)


BOLT is the foremost provider of Internet-based fleet management / trucking dispatch software in the industry. It is also the fastest growing and most flexible provider. Relocating to Nashville, TN, from Silicon Valley in 2000, the Robertson Group developed BOLT while simultaneously operating an over-the-road trucking company. The trucking operation was successfully sold in 2006; and the knowledge gained by all from the hands-on experience with trucking has proven invaluable.

With its team of developers distributed in Tennessee, California, and international locations, the Robertson Group has used standard, state-of-art commercial technology to create a completely integrated transportation and freight management system. In the early stages of development, programmers dispatched over-the-road trucks - which provided invaluable hands-on knowledge of the industry to all members of the team.

Experts in both transportation and technology, the Robertson team offers over 40 years of combined mid- and executive-level management experience in the fields of transportation, manufacturing and computerized information management Our staff consists of seasoned transportation personnel with extensive experience in dispatch, fuel management, supply chain management, and maintenance. Expanding rapidly, we currently have sales offices in the Mid-West and Southeast United States.

Our facilities in Nashville house over 40 servers using both Microsoft Windows and Linux Operating Systems. All production servers are hosted by Sungard Availability Services one of the World's leading "hosted services" providers.

The executive management team has extensive senior and executive management experience with IBM, Oracle, and Schlumberger. Members of the team have started previous companies in supply chain management that are successfully operating today.