Freight Optimization

In order to optimize the dispatching of your trucks in the most efficient manner, it is important to take into account the freight you are hauling and other aspects of your business. BOLT creates rules for dispatching your trucks based on the specifics of your operation and uses pertinent information from your various components.

Dry Vans

Capacity – Unloaded weight and dimensions are used to calculate weight and cube capacity

Door Types – Swing doors, Roll up

Lift Gate - Dock not available

Length – Most common lengths are 53’, 48’, and 24’ determined by customer access to loading facility

Commodity Restrictions – Match commodity with trailer specifications


Side Doors – Often required for Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Temperature Ranges – BOLT integrates with Reefer Trailer Software provides consistent update on actual temperature in trailer to dispatch and driver as well as control temperature for specific freight

Zone Bulk heads – track bulk heads that may go missing

Zone Commodities – Temperatures can be stored in BOLT’s commodities dataset that stipulate where the reefer temperatures should be set


Compartments – Different liquid freight types can be included in the dispatch and can be tracked by commodity. Compartments can range from 1 to 6 with each having a different capacity.

Wash Out Requirements – BOLT uses customer-supplied rules to determine the wash out requirements for different commodities. Food products and Haz Mat require specific time and commodity change wash outs. Email notifications are sent to the driver ending a load and the next driver picking up a load.

Flat Beds

Cargo Control – Track equipment needed to secure your loads and prevent loss of time and resources.

EDI Integration


Automate load tenders, in-transit updates and send status updates (214 forms) with OBC and/or BOLT Tandem.



Whether your business is FTL or LTL or both, BOLT gives you the versatility you need.

Cross Dock


BOLT supports multi-cross dock pallet-level freight movements.

Oil Fields


Working closely with our OBC partners, BOLT can provide time-sensitive information relative to retrieving crude or heavy water as well as sequencing information for fracking.