Pool Loads

Pool loads are simply high volume shipments.


  • Distribution Center Replenishment Loads
  • High volume shipments
  • Rail Outbound/Inbound
  • Port Outbound/Inbound
  • Drivers must be qualified to request a Pool Load

Load Generation

Load can be generated by:

  • Load building software (TMS or Routing)
  • EDI
  • BOLT Standard Loads

Load Construction

The only restriction regarding Pool Loads is that the billing should be to a single customer. Multiple stops can be included.

On Board Computers (OBC)/Drivers

OBC’s are required to implement Pool Loads. Efficiency is obtained by providing drivers with a pick list of priority pool loads.  The pick list is organized by priority and volume.  For example a driver logs in and requests the highest priority outbound pool load and if the selected load is not available continues the selection process.  After the driver’s request is received the current highest priority outbound load is sent to the driver.  If no pool load is available at that location the driver looks for other pool or assigned loads nearest his/her current location.


The Pool Load process is designed to minimize dispatchers’ direct involvement and still provide drivers with the essential information needed to complete their tasks as well as provide detailed information regarding trailer/container tracking as well as key freight arrivals and departures.