Private Fleet Solutions

Enterprise solutions for high-demand fleets

ERP/TMS Integration – Automatic load entry from corporate IT system eliminating human data entry errors

Inbound/Outbound Freight Coordination—Match inbound replenishment loads with daily direct store deliveries (DSD).

Unlimited Distribution Centers—BOLT software runs from the Cloud and is available anywhere anytime with an Internet access.

Multi Segment Loads Relay/Shuttle/Peddle – Amazon has created the need for more frequent deliveries. BOLT handles multiple strategies concerning distribution centers and truck routes.

Customer Portal – Allows approved customers to see the status (including in route locations) of their shipments.

Costs Per Piece – Actual cost on a daily basis of the transportation cost per SKU

OS&D – BOLT’s Tandem out of cab tablet enables immediate recognition and information transfer to corporate customer service.

Returns – Enables the tracking of Return Authorizations and actual material

Brokerage - Complete carrier required information and performance reports

Driver Self Dispatch


Automated driver assignment to loads

Route Optimization


Combines mileage--HOS--Dock Open Hours

Backhaul Opportunities


Analyze routes for potential backhaul