BOLT Tandem Mobile Technology for Transportation

Unprecedented demands are being made on the transportation industry at the same time that both costs and regulations are increasing.  Maximizing efficiency and timely-accurate information are two of the best means available to combat these issues.


The retail market is demanding more frequent deliveries with less freight/product per delivery.  Driving time cannot be reduced near enough to meet this trend.  The administrative components of fleet operations can significantly reduce driving hours versus on duty hours.  Drivers will need mobile technology (Tandem) to increase out-of-cab efficiency and to support the increasing needs from the administrative side.

BOLT has developed, tested and placed into production an App that runs on your standard Android-based smart phone or smart tablet and provides instant communication with your BOLT system.

BOLT Tandem Features:

  • Load pickup and delivery information for your drivers
  • Push button time stamps to record delay time before and after physical freight movement to and from the trailer
  • Over Short & Damage (OS&D) information on an individual commodity basis
  • Photographs of damage and probable cause of damage
  • Return documentation
  • Proof of Delivery Signature
  • Ability to instant invoiceInvoices are immediately available for processing byAccounts Payable before the truck leaves the delivery site

Information can be immediately sent to Customer Service either in the transportation office or the shipper’s location.  Issues can be resolved without the driver having to remain on site.

Profiles can be built regarding individual product handling requirements and load/unload processes to improve efficiently.  Information can be collected at each pickup or delivery location to identify trend information that can be essential when sales reps are negotiating transportation contracts.

Increasing Efficiency

BOLT’s APP, operating in “TANDEM” with one of our OBC partners, increases efficiency across in-cab and out-of-cab operations.

BOLT’s Tandem is completely synchronized with your BOLT-supported OBC and will enable enroute updates for deliveries and pickups that can be automatically sent to customers. Dock personnel can know that a truck is coming in and pre-stage freight for quick loads.

Drivers’ next loads or BOLT’s Pool loads can be requested as unloading is performed – thus allowing the driver to know exactly where to go as soon as the load procedure is completed.

In addition, auto dispatch can be achieved by having accurate trip data and Hours of Service (HOS) available instantly allowing pre-planning in advance of an empty call coming in.

We believe that this is only the tip of the iceberg and foresee that we will have many additional applications that will be available on mobile devices.  Fleets will be able to mix and match various combinations of OBCs, Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and mobile devices.  Fleets that have combinations of company drivers and owner operators can mix automation devices of different prices — complying with ELD mandates --- and be able to provide shippers with up to date and accurate information in a cost effective manner.