What Makes BOLT Different

BOLT and our partner vendors have worked together for a number of years and consistently strive to provide the best service and the latest functionality possible while optimizing the functionality of their respective web-based architectures.

Why a BOLT solution stands out from the competition:

Freight-Based Rules

Optimize your equipment utilization to your shipper’s requirements

Automated Dispatch

BOLT provides hands free dispatching where drivers request loads through  their On-Board Computers or BOLT’s mobile app (Tandem).  You manage the exceptions – rather than each individual move.

BIG DATA Capture & Analytics

BOLT captures and stores ALL of your data in one place.  Whether it's all of the load-specific data in your BOLT system, the myriad of all GPS breadcrumbs from your OBC's, uploaded images such as proof of delivery or photographs of damages or documents, or data from any other integrated system, BOLT captures and provides analytics and reporting of all of it.  BOLT has over 50 standard reports that help you manage your BIG Data and provide the insight to make informed decisions about your operation. 

Customer Portal Option

BOLT provides a Customer Portal where you can selectively allow your customer(s) the ability to log into your system to view the details of their shipments - whether scheduled, in-transit or delivered.  You can also provide automated emails with delivery ETA's based on OBC data.

Load Pooling

High volume loads such as replenishment loads for private/dedicated fleets and preferred for hire fleets.  Using a fleet managers experience and one of our OBC partners we create MENUS that allow pre-qualified drivers to automatically check for a load originating out of their current "circle of opportunity".  Each location can specify the mile radius that driver could be allowed to select a load.  If a pre-qualified driver is inside this circle he/she can pull down the SPECIFIC LOAD POOL  and pull the load information into the truck.  Multiple Load Pools can be set up with a very detailed priority. More

Managing Blended Fleets

BOLT has developed a comprehensive system for collecting, assimilating and presenting freight movements for blended fleets.  We provide consistent metrics for both the private fleet and dedicated carriers. Integration of key freight metrics with Corporate Enterprise Systems enables multi-level reporting at any level - Corporate, Carrier, Route, Truck, and Driver. Allows creation of customer profile for route refinement. After assimilating all of the various data points collected, BOLT enables you to create customer profiles in order to optimize your routes.  Data points taken into account include number of deliveries per week, piece and/or weight count per delivery, on time percentage and driver/tractor/trailer used for each delivery.

Automated EDI

We automate EDI with the help of your OBC's to automate the transmission of 214 status messages along with recording the transmission and acceptance of each 204, 214 and 210 message.  BOLT will monitor and report on specific shipper EDI compliance requirements - thus saving potential hours in tracking of EDI errors.


Supply Chain Optimization for Transportation

BOLT was designed to be a module in the Supply chain and covers the missing gap of transporting the finished goods (product) from manufacturing to the customer.  All relevant information is displayed and readily available to all pertinent departments - whether inbound, outbound or third party loads.  BOLT provides the capability to integrate with your Corporate ERP system and enable the updating of In Transit Inventory with Enterprise Inventory Management for raw goods, work in process or finished material.