Our Software

  • Shipment IDs, Trucks, Drivers, Trailers
  • Multi-stop Loads
  • Multi-Segment Loads

Big Data
  • Capture, Organize, Analyze, Display
  • Invoicing, Driver Settlements / Activity Based Pay, Truck Level P & L
  • Integrations With Major Accounting Systems

  • Manage Assets, PMs, DOT Expirations
  • Parts Warranty
  • ERP Integrations
  • ELD Integrations
  • Driver App Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Pool Loads for High Volume Freight
  • Comprehensive Reporting

Bolt’s versatility, scalability, and
excellent customer service are major factors
in why fleets select BOLT as their partner. What type of trucking does your business do? We have
solutions for any fleet type.