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BOLT is the foremost provider of Internet-based fleet management / trucking dispatch software in the industry. It is also the fastest growing and most flexible provider. BOLT enables you to use the latest technology without the normal initial equipment and software charges. A monthly charge (based on the number of power units "In Use") is all you pay – this includes 24 x 7 support, maintenance and general software upgrades. There are no long-term contracts or maintenance fees to worry about.

Whether you are a For Hire Carrier or Private Fleet, Truckload or LTL, Brokerage or Cross Dock – BOLT has the software solution for you. We understand that there is no one trucking company like any other one – nor is a private fleet like a for hire carrier. The Internet-based architecture of BOLT software allows us to provide you with the flexibility you need for your trucking operation – while maintaining the overall integrity of your system and providing the easiest and most efficient way for you to manage your trucking assets and your business within the supply chain.

We believe that the transportation / trucking industry is in a major transition phase. With increased Shipper demands, increased fuel prices that change daily (if not hourly), and driver retention issues; the only answer is "Flexible Technology" (flexible trucking software) – our leading edge architecture will allow you to adapt quickly to the changing environment of your marketplace.

With customers from coast to coast across the U.S., BOLT fleets are in over 38 states. Our users have moved from traditional trucking dispatch software, whiteboards, spreadsheets – or even all-paper environments. No matter what your previous experience, we have developed a superior training and support program that will enable you to be up and running quickly. . . . . regardless of your level of expertise with computers.

Ease of use and embedded flexible technology are our key features. Our goal is to provide you with a software solution that makes sense for your operation. You do not want to have to deal with extraneous information or system requirements that do not help you manage your trucking operation. Dispatch, invoicing, driver settlement and customer updates can be accomplished traditionally by entering the data one time into your BOLT software – OR these same functions can be completely automated by integrating with onboard computers.

Check out our features for FOR HIRE CARRIERS or PRIVATE FLEETS.  We have a solution that will meet your budget today as well as your growth plans for tomorrow.




BOLT at a glance:

Key Features of BOLT’s flexible fleet management / trucking dispatch software
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BOLT Customer Testimonials
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For Hire Carriers
If you are a For Hire Carrier, visit this page to see some of the specifics on how BOLT's trucking dispatch / fleet management software can help you.

Private Fleets
If you are a Private Fleet, visit this page to see some of the specifics on how BOLT”s trucking dispatch / fleet management software can help you.

Accounting Support in BOLT’s flexible fleet management / trucking dispatch software
Visit this page to see the various accounting programs that have been integrated with BOLT.

Multi-Division Operation with BOLT Trucking Dispatch Software
If you have multiple divisions or multiple business operations, visit this page to see how BOLT’s trucking software can help you manage your day-to-day operations AND manage your data the way YOU need it to be managed.

Driver Performance / Retention Module
Visit this page to see how BOLT’s Trucking Dispatch Software Driver Performance & Retention Module can help you manage your drivers into better performance.

BOLT Internet Benefits for Trucking Dispatch Software Programs
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BOLT Business Drivers
Visit this page for a quick summary of how our BOLT trucking software can benefit your key business drivers such as Cash Flow, Asset Utilization, Daily Operations and Customer Service.

Corporate Overview
Visit this page for a brief history of the Company background and why Robertson Group should be your first choice in a trucking dispatch software solution for your organization.

BOLT Trucking Dispatch Software Components
Visit this page for an overview of the various components that make up BOLT’s trucking software package.








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BOLT - Flexible Fleet Management
BOLT - Flexible Fleet Management