Announcing BOLT ATLAS
Next Generation / Enhanced Mapping

BOLT ATLAS begins the next generation of mapping for a fleet management system. Highly interactive, ATLAS will display the breadcrumbs of planned vs. actual routes along with available driver hours to complete the current load plus the next pickup. It also provides dispatch assistance by displaying unassigned / open loads along the route and within an assigned territory for the dispatcher. You can view one truck or all trucks within a group / terminal. Alerts can be set to display trucks exceeding pre-specified speed limits.

With significant contribution from all of our telematics partners, BOLT has integrated the impact of Big Data Capture, Mobile Apps, and Fleet/Business-based analytics to significantly increase dispatch efficiency and asset utilization.

From the very beginning, BOLT was designed as a web-based system. With highly robust integrations and utilizing high speed Internet connections, BOLT’s combination of task-specific servers communicate every 2 – 3 minutes with our partners to pull dynamic information related to our customers’ fleets. Our knowledge-based partners represent the following functionalities: On Board Computers, Electronic Logging Devices, Navigation / Route Planning & Daily Fuel Prices.

BOLT captures your key shipper/consignee data, comprehensive asset data and basic business operating rules/processes/procedures and uses all of these data components in building your loads. We then take this data and couple it with input from our integration partners to graphically display it on the map — thus providing you with a meaningful picture of your operation. This visual data can be used by both Dispatch and Management to more efficiently manage your business.

Dispatch can view their specific geographical / business segment / operation and identify all applicable assets and their current status. The dispatcher can also see all uncovered loads within the geographical area. They can then zoom in on a target asset and analyze their ability to handle any of these uncovered loads (looking at HOS, proximity and equipment match).

Management can use the map to view the locations of the entire fleet or can view specific areas or a particular vehicle. They can look at planned vs. actual trips to review the efficiency of a specific route. If desired, they can zoom in to see details of the route such as type of highway, bridges, etc. This can be especially helpful when operating within highly congested areas. Alerts can be set to display trucks that are exceeding specified speed limits.

ATLAS is a major fleet optimizer benefiting ALL fleets — For Hire Carriers (both FTL and LTL), carriers utilizing line haul and city drivers and Private/Dedicated fleets. Visit and look at Tandem, our first Fleet Efficiency Product focusing on out-ofcab activities.

Jerry Robertson,
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