Announcing BOLT TANDEM
Android-Based Smartphone Application for out-of-cab activities

Out-of-Cab Automation Features:

  • POD Capture and immediate availability for invoicing
  • Clean delivery exceptions
    • OSD visual discrepancy
    • Actual picture of damage
    • Exceptions presented to Customer Support in real time (eliminates any driver
  • Reduced time at stops
  • Preliminary estimates show at least10 minutes per stop reduction
  • Automated documentation for detention
  • Completely synchronized with OBCs
    • View our website for BOLT’s Current OBC Partners (See below)
  • Locked down application for scheduled driver activity enables you to control costs

The BOLT Advantage (The Power of Efficiency)

Transportation is a business that cannot be outsourced to offshore locations. As an industry we must examine and track every component of freight movements as each major component of transportation continues to increase in cost. Fortune 500 shippers have told us that transportation is becoming the second largest contributor to the retail costs of products. Our OBC marketing partners are working diligently to improve truck and driving efficiencies. BOLT is dedicated to improving the efficiency of all freight movements.

“It’s excellent to see BOLT moving in this direction”, comment Ralph Brander, Director of Trucking at Savers. “The development of an Android application allows for a low cost of entry to capture these out of cab activities. It is a great step forward and will provide a method for gathering and reporting on vital data.”

As a SaaS provider, no capital outlay for the application is required. The monthly fee for the Tandem app and integration to BOLT Fleet Management will be under $10 per month. A company can use either existing smartphones running Android 4.03 or later version of the software. Installation is quick and easy. If a company does not have smart phones, BOLT can furnish the entire package – including a current state-of-the-art smart phone and locked down data plan with BOLT TANDEM installed. BOLT Fleet Management Software has proven to reduce costs and streamline operations. BOLT TANDEM will be an investment that provides an ROI within months.

Gayle Robertson,