Electronic logging has been used for over 20 years.  A handful of vendors pioneered this device focusing on both HOS (Hours of Service) and messaging.  When the mandate went into effect everything changed. 

Today there are a very large (and growing) number of devices being developed and deployed throughout the world.  The features and pricing cover a broad range.  The mandate caused a  rapid growth which led to situations where some developers and sales do not always have a deep background in transportation and might even exaggerate at times.

Most if not all vendors provide Internet access to their computer network.  They provide reports and HOS violation data.

Several key options or features are listed below:

Fixed mount versus mobile user interface

Fixed – All components are physically locked down removing the possibility of loss or damage to the mobile device. The Screen is generally larger.  Cost is generally higher and the device requires more installation time

Mobile – Pairs with plug-in engine monitoring.  Drivers are required to perform a minor procedure to electronically connect the monitor. Lower cost and are available at some truck stops. Third part APPS such as BOLT Tandem WF can be executed on the same device (phone or tablet / Apple or Android) to achieve additional functionality.

Auto scheduled arrivals and departures

Vendors offer concentric circles, other offer user generated GPS configurations

Workflow – Fixed

A fixed workflow includes pickup and delivery information.  Vendors may vary in the messages/required response to a standard set of questions. If you are a For Hire Carrier and generally operate as a FTL carrier, this will most likely work fine.

Workflow – Programmable

A small segment of vendors allows fleet owners to customize their workflow. This is highly desirable for private, dedicated, and freight sensitive fleets (haz-mat, reefers, high value freight, etc.). Scanning, signature capture, and OS&D (Over, Short, Damaged) information might also be available.

BOLT’s Tandem WF

This is a driver APP that provides all of the features listed under the paragraph above (Workflow-Programmable). In addition, BOLT adds turn-by-turn navigation, weather and traffic updates. Available driving times are continuously updated to enable drivers to optimize driving time. 

Keep in mind that your monthly charges can vary dramatically depending on the type of device, type and volume of collected information. BOLT has made the decision to support a mix of devices in the same fleet management implementation. Information collected from the various device is analyzed – using the exact same set of formulas and displayed on the same screens. Our objective is to help you find the best price/performance solution to your fleet management issues.

If you would like additional information – or if you would simply like to discuss your options or any of the information cited here, please call us.