SaaS Delivers the Safest, Most Secure Method of Doing Business

SaaS Delivers the Safest, Most Secure Method of Doing Business

There’s a lot of talk about viruses these days. Prior to COVID-19, when you heard the word “virus,” most of us thought about our computers. Cyber-security terminology has borrowed from the biological world because of the similar ways that viruses spread. Both rely on hosts for transmission and can be prevented with a vaccine, which for a computer comes in the form of security protocols and antivirus software.


If you’ve got employee and client information, banking numbers, ACH electronic, bank-to-bank transfers, credit card type transactions, stored on your computer, you just opened up those files to a perpetrator slipping in and getting any of that data.

For transportation companies, it can even go worse than that. If somebody wanted to, they could hack into and look at your routes and see where you’re parking your trucks overnight. If you’re an over-the-road hauler or perform pickups and deliveries with domicile drivers, it’s not unusual for a loaded trailer to be sitting somewhere unattended. If a crook knows the location, they can break into the trailer and steal the freight before you even know it’s happened.


The process of hacking and stealing data is not terribly complex. Many smaller companies conduct business using software that is installed directly on their computer, and more often than not — no disrespect intended, it’s the user’s fault when something bad happens. Most of the time, they’ve left themselves vulnerable by picking simple passwords, such as family birthdates or even their own name, and forgetting to update antivirus software on a regular basis.


.A common form of a piracy is called ransomware. According to Norton, a leading supplier of antivirus software, ransomware “holds your personal files hostage, keeping you from your documents, photos, and financial information. Those files are still on your computer, but the malware has encrypted your device, making the data stored on your computer or mobile device inaccessible.” 


Hackers typically crawl around in a company’s network for weeks before posting a ransom amount the business must pay to have its data decrypted before it is released on public websites or on the dark web. They can also use the information they steal from one company to craft and forward a convincing email to another company — a vendor or customer with which they are familiar — that is likely to open it; then their data has also been compromised.


We try not to be too biased, but cloud-based software (SaaS) is the safest, and most secure, way to operate and manage your business. Since SaaS applications, like those designed by BOLT, aren’t installed on your personal computer, but are instead browser-based, with data stored behind encrypted firewalls on third-party servers, there’s nothing on your computer to steal.


It’s not just virtual protection. These data centers are like military bases that are strictly monitored 24/7/365 — only authorized personnel have access to the premises, and onsite staff members provide additional protection against unauthorized entry and security breaches. Four times a year, security experts assess the security state of all BOLT applications and environments, and provide notice on critical updates they’ve put in place to protect our software


Every time you update anything on your BOLT system, your input is encrypted and backed up. We’ve also built protections directly into our software, so there is no way to enter unasked for information, such as departure times, payload manifests or destinations. We will NEVER require your personal identification (such as bank accounts or Social Security numbers) other than your name. Consequently, it’s impossible to squirrel in any kind of infectious viruses or malicious software.

Benefits of BOLT

  • Set freight-based rules to optimize equipment utilization.
  • Streamline dispatch-driver communication with automated dispatch.
  • Store your data in one place for easy capture and analysis.
  • Selectively allow customers to log in and see status updates.
  • Pool high-volume loads for private/dedicated fleets and preferred for-hire carriers.
  • Automate EDI for greater efficiency and fewer errors.
  • Integrate your corporate ERP for a fully customized enterprise-wide solution.

About BOLT System

BOLT System is the leading provider of cloud-based Fleet Management Systems. Specifically developed for the Internet and the trucking industry, BOLT enables companies to maximize efficiencies while reducing costs. Flexible, extensible and user-friendly software allows its customers to only pay for what they use.