Our industry is increasingly complex, with multiple trucks and drivers interacting with a single load. Freight touchpoints are higher than ever before. The need for clean and accurate data increases exponentially alongside the complexity of your business.

BOLT System was conceived by the owners of a trucking company nearly 20 years ago with an unwavering focus on growing alongside your business and the industry at large. Early on, we realized that simply tracking trucks just wouldn’t cut it over the long haul. Our system has grown to enable detailed tracking of freight throughout the life of the load. Simply put, BOLT collects data that other systems cannot. They just weren’t designed to.

Freight-focused data means way more than just pinpointing en-route locations for your clients. With this information at your fingertips, BOLT can help you invoice more quickly and more accurately, while also providing expanded visibility into driver movements. Our clients, including some of the largest fleets in the country, utilize these data insights to unlock dozens of unique activity based pay models for their drivers.

When it comes to split loads, nobody can simplify dispatch like BOLT. Other platforms require dispatch gymnastics such as tracking the same freight across multiple loads and then merging them post-delivery. BOLT utilizes our freight-first focus which allows your team to not only track a single load all the way through to delivery, but to build it that way from the beginning. 

Your complexity is our specialty.